4 Remote Cheat Sheets

As a company, HolidayCheck is very experienced in working remotely as we have several locations like Bottighofen (CH), Munich (DE), Poznan (PL) and Warsaw (PL). In addition, we...

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HolidayCheck Camp 2019

Only one strong team that believes in sharing, solution-oriented discussions, has fun together and cares for each other can build the best product. That was the HolidayCheckCamp 2019,...

Álvaro Nistal Valbuena in Event 5 minutes


My Apprenticeship

My days as an apprentice are slowly coming to an end. As the final day arrives, I have an irresistible desire to share. I would like to share...

Ugurcan Sengit in Culture 12 minutes


Workflow automation

As engineers, we like to script and automate whatever’s possible. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about creating three-character-long aliases for a ten-character-long command, adding labels to newly...

Radek Benkel in Culture 10 minutes