4 Remote Cheat Sheets

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As a company, HolidayCheck is very experienced in working remotely as we have several locations like Bottighofen (CH), Munich (DE), Poznan (PL) and Warsaw (PL). In addition, we already had good home office culture, allowing our colleagues to work from home frequently. As we consider “remote work as a skill”, we regularly train our employees doing “Remote Collaboration Trainings”.

Now that Covid-19, the Corona-Virus, forces us to officially stay in home office, we want to share our experience with you.

Here are our “Remote Cheat Sheets” with a couple of good practices to follow, to make remote collaboration and home office a success for you and your teams.

Remote Meetings Cheat Sheet.
Optimize your camera, audio settings and more.

Download the Remote Meetings Cheat Sheet
(PDF, 307 kB)

Remote Communication Cheat Sheet.
Improve the information flow, transparency and how you use slack.

Download the Remote Communication Cheat Sheet
(PDF, 318 kB)

Remote Mindset Cheat Sheet.
Remember the things about your remote mindset, your health and the social connection with your peers.

Download the Remote Mindset Cheat Sheet
(PDF, 403 kB)

Remote Moderation Cheat Sheet.
Look up most crucial things about the preparation, running the meeting and remote meetings in a conference room.

Download the Remote Moderation Cheat Sheet
(PDF, 408 kB)

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