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If you are reading this, we have already gotten your interest in some of our open positions. Thanks for taking that first step then! You are about to become part of the future of vacations. Travel is coming back and we, at HolidayCheck, want to lead the new wave of holidays!

In this blog post, we would like to focus on the hiring process you usually would experience, if you apply to one of our Engineering positions, while also answering some of those questions we hear often during the interviews.

Hiring process @ HolidayCheck’s Engineering teams

After completing the form and sending us your CV, these are the next steps your successful application will follow:

  • Application screening
  • Programming challenge
  • Get-to-know interview
  • Tech interview
  • Final interview round

Application screening & Programming Challenge

Each of the applications coming into our pool is checked by the Hiring Manager(s) responsible for that position. We believe that your profile is a great fit for one of our teams, so we would like to assess your engineering skills with an async programming challenge. Once your first results come in, you may as well get some feedback on what could be improved for a second round.

Get-to-know interview

This whole application process is 2-way: you are interested in joining HolidayCheck and we want to have you on our team. So, in the next step, we finally get to know each other more personally. The goal of this first interview is for you to get the first insights on what we do at HolidayCheck (is this the right place for you?) and for us to find out your motivation, your expectations, and skills.

Your first video contact with a HolidayChecker will be with one of the Hiring Managers & Team Leads of one of the teams you may join.

Tech interview

You have gotten one step further and this is getting exciting. At this point, you meet some of your future (team) colleagues and your conversation focuses on technical topics. The interview includes different questions related to the technologies you and we are using daily and, just as a normal working day at HolidayCheck, a pair-programming session with the Programming Challenge you did before like a base: what steps did you follow? What would you have done differently?

Final interview round

By now, you have reached the last round of the hiring flow. Your and our anticipations are high, and we are just one step away from starting to develop together the next big idea to help our users to find, book and enjoy a perfect new holiday after booking with us.

It is time to meet the crew. During this round, you talk with three different people: someone from our People Team, a Jedi (one long-time HolidayChecker from another department, with a different view), and, again, your hiring manager. Your talks today focus on topics like growth at HolidayCheck, performance, our values or cultural fit.


And that is it. Everyone involved in the hiring process is convinced that you are the perfect fit for our team and HolidayCheck. You are exactly the person we are looking for and we are excited to send you our offer to join the new wave of holidays.

At HolidayCheck, we make holidays better

HolidayCheck is the portal used by tens of millions of Urlaubers (holiday-goers, travelers, and explorers) across Germany, Switzerland, and Austria to discover the best deals and make the right decision for their next vacation.

We collect, organize and curate millions of genuine, unbiased hotel and destination reviews from our Urlaubers. With these highly relevant and valuable insights, we are the most trusted companion of our Urlaubers during one of their most important decisions of the year: Where to go on vacation next?

Here you can find some insights into HolidayCheck:

We make holidays better because we have a strong and passionate team.