Wolfram Kriesing

In 1997 I started to work in the IT industry. It has changed a lot since. I used to see specifications as something settled and the base for what I implement. Nowadays I know that even specifications need people to write them and that this can be fun. See ECMAScript specification, which is something that I am following since 1999.

While trying to keep up with the latest technologies and practises, I also practice and love TDD, incremental thinking and baby steps. I (co-)started and still run thinks like the JSCodeRetreat, JSCraftCamp, ES6Katas, TDDBin and a meetup called JavaScript the Language.

I started my carrier in the payment industry, freelanced a lot, and finally co-founded a small JavaScript consultancy called uxebu, which I helped run for 7 years. In May 2017 I joined HolidayCheck, and I am trying to share experience and knowledge with as many people inside and outside the company.

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Resource Timing (part 3) - Waterfall Chart

This is post #3 in the category “Browser Tools”, focusing on understanding the loading times by charting them in a Waterfall chart. In part 1 and part 2 about ResourceTiming...

Wolfram Kriesing Jun 15, 2019

Resource Timing (part 2) - Loading Dependencies

This is post #2 in the category “Browser Tools”, focusing on understanding Loading Dependencies. In part 1 about ResourceTiming we looked at the attributes responseEnd and startTime. Now we want...

Wolfram Kriesing Jun 8, 2019

Resource Timing (part 1) - The API

A look into the Resource Timing API, it is part of the Performance API, which you can reach via 'window.performance' in all modern browsers.

Wolfram Kriesing May 6, 2019

#jslang Meetup - Errors

In our offices we have a monthly meetup, which is all about JavaScript language features, we call it “JavaScript The Language” (see twitter #jslang). We pick one language feature and...

Wolfram Kriesing Nov 8, 2018

AMP Roadshow in Munich

Google invited lots of developers to the AMP Roadshow that they are currently doing worldwide. We joined the Munich edition in their offices. Google does that to promote their technology...

Wolfram Kriesing Nov 7, 2017

J.B. Rainsberger in da house

It started in May, when we thought about inviting J.B. Rainsberger to HolidayCheck. Yeah, there was some bias from my side, since I had the pleasure to have learned from...

Wolfram Kriesing Oct 13, 2017

Apprenticeship at 8th Light

Officially it was 2006 that 8th Light says they had started the apprenticeship program. From reading a bit around and searching for related articles online, it seems that there had...

Wolfram Kriesing Oct 5, 2017

Learning from 8th Light, Day 1

It all started at BusConf, this August. Tobias Pflug (a colleague from HolidayCheck) asked Daniel Irvine (from 8th Light London) if we could come over to London to learn from...

Wolfram Kriesing Oct 2, 2017

CoP Testing #2 - Structuring Tests

At HolidayCheck we are doing “Communities of Practice” for various things. The one I started, is the “CoP Testing”, which cares about all things around testing. Since I care a...

Wolfram Kriesing Jun 30, 2017

EnterJS, ES6, ES8 and Typing with Flow

Back on the road. Three days of EnterJS are just over and I am already on the next trip, this time with HolidayCheck. So let me quickly sum up EnterJS...

Wolfram Kriesing Jun 23, 2017

Async Function Kata at #jslang Meetup

The callback-hell times are long over. We have better tools now. But which of the new kids on the block do you want to play with? In this meetup, last...

Wolfram Kriesing Jun 2, 2017