Sebastian Bruckner

Principal Software Engineer at HolidayCheck who loves to code, functional programming, #all-the-micro-things and his family 👪❤️.

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HolidayCheck GraphQL Day

This week we had an internal GraphQL Day at HolidayCheck in the Munich office. In this article I will share with you why we did it, what we talked about...

Sebastian Bruckner Nov 28, 2019

Micro Frontends at HolidayCheck (part 2) - Speed

In the first part of this series, I describe why and how we do micro frontends at HolidayCheck. One of the key aspects I described was the focus on speed....

Sebastian Bruckner Jul 30, 2019

Micro Frontends at HolidayCheck (part 1)

At HolidayCheck we just released our first Micro Frontend, the “new header”, which is placed above all HolidayCheck pages to guarantee a common look & feel. In this series of...

Sebastian Bruckner Jun 28, 2019