Tobias Pflug

I wrote my first lines of Basic code on an Amstrad CPC in the 80s. Later I learned Turbo Pascal and C and C++. For quite a while I was very much into lowlevel programming writing C and Assembler, so my first full-time job involved blaming the hardware department for faulty hardware until proven wrong with the oscilloscope (turned out the i2c signal was clean after all).

Several years later I sat in an office, about to solve yet another problem with yet another for loop. I had had enough of it. I ordered a Common Lisp book from amazon and started discovering Functional Programming. Fast forward to today and I’m still in love with Functional Programming.

  • I love Haskell and other strong statically typed PLs

  • I am fascinated by Category Theory even though I still don’t know that much about it

  • I love Nix/NixOS because I’ve suffered enough from the problems Nix eliminates

  • I love Jazz and especially John Coltrane

  • I love my family because they matter more to me than any of these 1s and 0s ever could :)

  • I am on github and twitter

  • I organize BusConf, an FP themed open space conference

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The HolidayCheck Apprenticeship

Yesterday marked the public launch of the HolidayCheck Apprenticeship Program. If you want to apply, you can do so right now at - But for now, please keep on...

Tobias Pflug Apr 20, 2018

NixCon 2017 In Munich

At HolidayCheck we started using Nix and NixOS roughly 1.5 years ago. After humble beginnings with nothing but a default.nix to provide the correct nodejs version via nix-shell, we are...

Tobias Pflug Oct 31, 2017