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Software Engineer at HolidayCheck in Munich.

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Simple Slackbot

Recently I’ve built a small slackbot that is posting with certain regularity in a specified Slack channel. I will tell you about the idea behind it and also share some...

Sergii Paryzhskyi Nov 12, 2018

Go: The Beginning

We’ve been already using Go at HolidayCheck for quite some time. There are some services written with Go and also the primary user of it is our infrastructure team. Apart...

Sergii Paryzhskyi Feb 28, 2018

Haskellaus: Haskell meets Nikolaus

Last Friday we had a very special Haskell meeting at HolidayCheck - we called it Haskellaus. In this post I will explain what it was about and then we look...

Sergii Paryzhskyi Dec 8, 2017

Haskell Learning Group: Our Progress and Updates

This post is a quick update and the latest news about our Haskell learning group. Even though there were no blog posts on this topic recently, we are still having...

Sergii Paryzhskyi Nov 6, 2017

Haskell Learning Group: Beyond Maths (2nd Session)

The previous blog post was an introduction to our Haskel Learning Group. This is a new initiative that we started at HolidayCheck recently. As the first chapter was about mathematical...

Sergii Paryzhskyi Oct 24, 2017

Build Custom UI Extensions for Contentful

Contentful is a powerful and developer-friendly CMS solution. In this article I will assume that the reader is already familiar with Contentful itself. Let us also skip the part about...

Sergii Paryzhskyi Jul 1, 2017