Introducing Tready.js

Tready.js is a JavaScript framework, that allows running components in Node.js and the browser.

We had a problem at HolidayCheck, we loved all of the possibilities that JavaScript had, but we weren’t quite able to make use of it as much as we would have liked to. This was due to the fact that nearly everything needed to be visible in Google’s search results. And I am not telling news when I say Google’s search engine doesn’t do JavaScript as well as the browser. Which is funny considering that Google is pushing JavaScript at the same time.

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HolidayCheck’s Journey with Scala and Akka

I was asked by Heiko Seeberger to provide some more information about our work at HolidayCheck using Typesafe’s technologies Scala and Akka. As you may know, we came from a classical LAMP (MySQL, PHP) development stack and turned our company into one, which is using Java/Scala at backend and CoffeeScript/Node.js at frontend side. All this within 10 months (taking into account the 1st class of pages gone live end 2012). Not that bad…

So here is the Typesafe blogpost (or directly to the case study).

Welcome to the HolidayCheck Engineering Blog

HolidayCheck engineering is working on some awesome projects and technologies. This blog is the place where we will write about it.

So tune in, if you want to know how we are solving technical issues, discuss our architecture and system design, see some code samples and checkout our open source efforts.

Some stuff to get you started:

About HolidayCheck

The HolidayCheck idea dates back to 1999 when two guys Markus Schott and Sascha Vasic, frustrated with the lack of authentic information when choosing a hotel, decided to create a website which would give others the opportunity to read real opinions and reviews instead of just catalogue descriptions. They created the first HolidayCheck website as a hobby. In 2004 HolidayCheck was founded as a company in Switzerland. After that HolidayCheck grew even faster and started its first international websites in 2006: and closely followed by Spanish, Italian, Polish, Russian and Dutch in 2007. Today HolidayCheck is available in 10 languages.

Each month 20 – 30 million people visit HolidayCheck websites. On HolidayCheck users inform themselves about hotels and destinations with about 10 million user opinions. Information is available on more than 300 thousand hotels and 100 thousand points of interest in the holiday destinations.
HolidayCheck AG headquarters are located in Bottighofen, Switzerland and has three foreign offices in Warsaw, Paris and Moskow. The majority of HolidayCheck is owned by the listed company TOMORROW FOCUS AG, one of the leading digital media companies in Germany. The main shareholder of Tomorrow Focus AG is the publishing company Hubert Burda Media.