Jacek Smolak

I began working in IT in 2007, but it was when I came to HolidayCheck I started learning and valuing the meaning of software craftsmanship.

My main field of interest is TDD and clean code solutions. After all, we are all engineers talking to each other through code - let it be clear and understandable.

You can find me on Twitter or email me jacek.smolak@gmail.com.

In my free time I work on my open source project called stash-it.

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Testing code that isn't there yet

It’s relatively easy to test a piece of code that is already there. Stub dependencies, check calls, returned values. Voilà, there you have it. But what about a code that...

Jacek Smolak Jan 2, 2018

#jbhc17 from my perspective

When I first heard about JB coming to HolidayCheck to work with us I was excited. I hadn’t heard much about him then, so I began googling him. I...

Jacek Smolak Oct 20, 2017